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For many years, the children of Iran have imprisoned by the Islamic government, and deprived of all basic rights, divine blessings, social and cultural freedom. They have got killed, tortured and harassed in secret or in front of the public eyes.

Islamic government by killing Mahsa (Jina) Amini and by violent suppression of people; men, women, and youth, once again showed how inauspicious and vicious they are.

Islamic government’s prisons are full of writers, artist, cinematographers, Dissenters, students, elites, women, men, and youth who are imprisoned by various charges and facing excruciation.

The outcry for Mahsa Amini is the voice that silenced throughout forty years. But this time people are shouting and express themselves louder than ever. Today Iranians courageously risen. They endure injuries, arrests, humiliations and displacement, to reach the promise of freedom and liberation. They are announcing to the whole world that they deserve to live in a better environment that Men was create to live in.

Now us, writers, artists, voice actors, poets, and wide cultural spectrum of Iran in cinema, theater, drama, music, visual arts, and all artistic fields, express our disgust and petition for the violence and oppression of Islamic government and to remove every inch of our soil from impurity in solidarity with all Iranians, until liberation and final salvation with a living hope.

We call on the international democratic countries and communities and human rights communities to be the voice of the oppressed people of Iran and bring the Islamic government of Iran to trial for all the torture, repression and murders of peaceful protestors.

ٌWe invite all Christians not to give up any efforts in solidarity with the people of Iran. This petition is available to the public, so everyone can declare their solidarity by signing and publishing this petition.

May God’s light shine on all of Iran and our compatriots and wash our land from this impurity with life giving rain including signing and publishing this statement and petition.

Epiphany Arts & Culture Foundation

September 24, 2022


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