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  1.  Equip Persian, Afghan, Tajiks worshipper to meet requirements and standards of worship ministers through academic courses for strengthen the churches and develop God's kingdom. 

  2.  Localization of worship (helping Middle Eastern               worshipers follow their own culture in worship rather than imitating Western styles)

Our History

We have expert and educated faculty to equip and train expert and anointed worshiper.

Our team has had years of amazing experience doing this ministry and now we have came together to stablish and develop academic worship courses for Persian speaker around the world.

Why Worship School?

The Persian-speaking Churches growing so fast around the World and with this growth in the near future, we will face a crisis that needs to be seriously thought and plan about. Iranian and Persian-speaking churches are currently very weak in the field of worship and having worship ministers so we need to stablish academic school.

Theological Elements

1-Knowing God in worship

2-Character of the worshipper

3-Work of the Holy Spirit in worship

4-Biblical historical basis of worship

5-Worship's role in prayer & spiritual warfare  

6-Worship in missions and evangelism

Musical Elements

1- History of Music

2- Singing Course ( Traditional persian or Classic )

3- Master Instrument course

4- Selective instruments

5-Theory and salfage 

6- Harmony and Counterpoint

7- Worship leadership + teamwork

8- Worship creativity and musicianship

Contact Us

P.O.Box 116353 Carrollton

Texas 75011-6353 


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